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Targeted Individual Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), Voice to skull (V2K) Evidence Proof 2017

Updated On 12 July 2018

Updated: Website links of recent Brain technologies and few experiences of RNM technology.

Some of the words used along with Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) are:
Voice to skull (V2K), Artificial telepathy, Synthetic telepathy, Voice of God, Targeted Individual, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW), Synthetic voice, Electronic harassment, Satellite harassment, Radiation targeting, MKUltra, Mind Control, Organized Gang Stalking, Microwave auditory effect, Microwave hearing, Hearing voices, Brain fingerprint, Brain hackers, Brain Computer Interface (BCI), brain to text technology, Silent Sound, Silent Sound Spread Spectrum SSSS or S-quad, Sonic Weapon, Stereo Bone Conduction, MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio), Extremely low frequency (ELF), Mind Reading

I’m a Targeted Individual of Remote Neural Monitoring. I’ve been subjected to Gang Stalking, Voice to Skull (V2K), Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Remote Electrical relay. For simplicity I would refer these Electronic harassment methods as RNM alone. In this blog, I have tried to keep the disinformation to the minimum. When I browsed the internet I’ve seen people mentioning about implants when it is about Electronic harassment. I’ve had no implants so I’m sure that Remote Neural Monitoring, Voice to Skull (V2K) and Remote Electrical relay doesn’t require any implants. My wife and my four year old son were also subjected to RNM cloned voice relay. My dad was subjected to voiceless word relay. Also see ‘According to Several Sources: No Implant Needed’ in Web link:

While working in a company I used to hear voice of ‘F***’ word unable to see who said it, mostly coming from a particular cubicle with a sitting person. As well as RNM cloned voice relay comments from employees like ‘mind reading’, ’asking questions’, was unable to see the person talking while commenting. I didn’t know then that actually it was a voice relay from RNM stalkers.

There was an eye check-up campaign near my house. It was more of a noise campaign, with cars, bikes honking and loud screeching (RNM sound relay) bike brakes when passing by near me. When I checked the eye check campaign someone took a photograph of me with an SLR camera. While returning from the eye check camp I heard a loud voice saying ‘Multilanguage’ and ‘dope’ behind my back, it was a RNM voice relay done by RNM stalkers.

I started hearing drumming sounds in my room which when I checked outside it was not heard. It was an RNM sound relay. After that I started hearing a woman voice saying  'true', ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Then often heard a word ‘yes’. The voice sounded like words coming from white noise whisper, only hearable to me.

RNM stalkers carefully plan the harassment and trick the targeted individual for make believe schizophrenia symptoms.

Tips: Take notes of your experience if you are a Targeted Individual. Have abundance of will power.

Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM), Voice to skull (V2K) Evidence Audio Caught Recording:

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Methods of Remote Neural Monitoring

1.       Remote audio satellite surveillance: RNM stalkers listen to one’s speech and one’s surroundings.
2.       Remote See through walls satellite surveillance: RNM stalkers can watch the targeted individual and also read the thoughts in words of the targeted individual in buildings and open area like roads and parks.

4.       Remote Voice/ Voiceless/ Sound relay: Targeted individual alone hears a white noise whisper speech when no one is there or hears someone’s (synthetic voice) or a clone voice of known person clearly as someone is speaking. Also RNM stalkers can relay any sound only to you using microwave auditory effect. See ‘communication of the words from one to ten using "speech modulated" microwave energy was successfully demonstrated.’  in Web link:
See ‘Dr. Sharp proved that the correct modulation of microwave energy could result in the wireless and receiver less transmission of audible speech.’ in Web link:
Web link:
A voiceless word is relayed to you and you just know the word in your mind as the word is revealed to you.
5.       Remote Synthetic telepathy: RNM stalkers can read the words which targeted individuals think in their heads and either repeat targeted individual thoughts in words or respond by talking to you using white noise whisper speech.
6.       Remote Human Motor control: RNM stalkers can control some of the human body motor control i.e. involuntarily eyelids open and close fast without any control.
7.       Remote Visual relay: RNM stalkers can relay phosphenes and augmented reality to targeted individual’s eyes vision.
8.       Remote Olfactory and Smell memory Surveillance: RNM stalkers can access specific memory of smell and one can smell it by electric stimulation.
9.       Remote Electrical relay: RNM stalkers use satellite to zap you with electricity causing electrical shock, pin and prick, sharp pain and more often than usual itch/scratch on the skin.
10.   Remote computer screen surveillance: RNM stalkers can view computer monitor.

11.      RNM Gang Stalkers: More often than usual people showing same gestures, mono acting, riding friends in a motorcycle cussing each other and stealing external hard disk, camera from home or while travelling outside. Be wary of more often than usual commenting about you / cussing people, it can be a Remote Voice / sound relay directed towards the Targeted Individual.

Some terms and their meanings:

1.       ‘RNM white noise whisper voice relay’ means a spoken whisper like a white noise is heard. See ‘Speech and speaking’ in Web link:
2.       ‘RNM voice relay’ means you alone actually hear someone’s (synthetic voice) or a clone voice of known person clearly as someone is speaking. Web link:
3.       ‘RNM sound relay’ means some sound/noise is relayed to you.
4.       ‘RNM voiceless word relay’ means a voiceless word is relayed to you and you just know the word in your mind as the word is revealed to you.

RNM stalkers spy on you, by combining Remote see through wall satellite technology, Remote audio satellite surveillance, Remote Thought Surveillance and Remote Olfactory/Smell memory Surveillance i.e. where you go, what you say, what you think, with whom you talk frequently friends and relatives. They collect information about you. They track you in real time and try to understand your weak and strong points, so that RNM stalkers can harass you.

Remote audio satellite surveillance:

1.       Once brushing teeth, the RNM white noise whisper voice relay, commented saying I’m making a teeth brushing sound. RNM white noise whisper voice relayed a sound of man saying ‘You are making a kora kora sound’. This indicated that RNM stalkers are listening to my surroundings using audio satellite surveillance technology.
2.       While listening to music from music system speaker, I heard RNM voice relay comment as if coming from speaker between the pauses of the music. RNM stalkers were listening to the music system speaker.
3.       RNM stalkers can also spy on the mobile phone ear speaker and headphone.  
a)      While listening to movie playing on a computer screen using on the head headphone, I could hear RNM voice relay in the background as if hearing from headphone and movie. It means they were listening to my headphone, monitoring the computer screen and relaying those RNM voice at the exact time of the movie.
b)      I heard the RNM voice relay the word ‘control’ while speaking to call center executive on phone similar to the background voices talking on phone. The RNM voice relay was heard as if coming from the phone ear speaker. It means RNM stalkers were listening to my phone ear speaker.
4.  RNM stalkers can relay a cloned voice by picking up the voice of a person. This can be done only by first using the audio satellite surveillance technology which listens to ones surroundings.

5.       I was watching Discovery science channel, a magician hand appeared on the TV. RNM white noise whisper voice relayed ‘magician’. RNM stalkers using Remote audio satellite surveillance see the channels in their control room / command center which I watch.

Remote See through walls satellite surveillance:

1.       RNM white noise whisper voice relayed my wife name to me, immediately I got a phone call from my wife from adjacent building. It means they are using technology to see through walls and stalk on the Targeted individual.
2.       When I was sitting at the desk with face supported by my hand RNM voice relayed to keep my hands down. Also, RNM stalkers asked me ‘what are you doing’, when I was searching for an object.
3.       In order to mind read the words which one thinks and white noise whisper voice relay with accuracy in a room, first RNM has to see through walls.
4.       Once I had a hot phone in my pants pocket. When I looked down, RNM relayed a white noise whisper voice ‘hot’. This means that they knew that phone temperature was hot at that time and were watching me using some kind of thermal technology.
5.       RNM stalkers track the targeted individual in buildings and open area.
6.       There is a possibility that RNM stalkers track the targeted individuals using their unique Brain fingerprints. Web link:

Remote Thought Surveillance:

1.       By reading the thoughts in words remotely, there is a possibility that RNM stalkers can extract the sensitive information of the targeted individual if one reads the letters and numbers in mind. i.e. Credit/Debit card numbers and their pin numbers, bank account numbers etc.
Tip: Visualize rather than think in mind to protect one’s sensitive information when one is under surveillance.

2.       I was reading Times of India newspaper. At the end of an article there was a picture. I didn’t see the picture. RNM white noise whispered to me a name ‘Mittal’. After hearing the name I saw the picture, it was Lakshmi Niwas Mittal’s photo. This means RNM track my words when I read the newspaper in my mind in words and they also read the same Times of India newspaper articles along with me in their control room / command center, if they chose to.

Remote computer screen surveillance:

1.       RNM stalkers can view what is on the computer screen in color. Example: RNM white noise whisper voice relayed ‘Red’ when I was looking at the word document and some text had red color markings / text highlight on the computer screen.
2.       By using this surveillance RNM stalkers can hack your email and change the login password if you don’t have strong security measures. Tip: Have 100 or more character password, two step sign in verification and recovery options for email and internet accounts.
3.       I used to randomly receive google 2-step verification codes to my cell phone via SMS, when I didn’t try to login into my google account.

RNM stalkers use synthetic telepathy. Using satellite technology RNM can read words which you think in words, can control some of the motor control of human body. They relay words, sounds, mental visual images (Visualization) and Augmented Reality eyes vision.

RNM uses three types of Synthetic telepathy:

1.       RNM White noise whisper voice relay is used
2.       RNM voice relay is used
3.       A voiceless word is relayed to you and you just know the word in your mind as the word is revealed to you.

If one is not alert RNM White noise whisper voice relay or voiceless relay a word from your own thought vocabulary, would result as if you thought that word yourself.

Evidenced by recording these RNM White noise whisper voice relay and RNM voice relay. Later the audio recordings started having static crackling noise indicating a protective mechanism for voice not to get recorded. These static crackling noise couldn’t be heard but got recorded.

Limitations of RNM technology:

1.       During heavy rain white noise whisper relay voice volume reduces and stop.
2.       RNM stalkers are unable to decipher the humming tune like 'na na na' when you think in your mind. They can only identify the phonetic sound of words and not the tune which you are singing in your mind.
3.       While in car traveling 100 km/hr and above, RNM is unable to read the thoughts or repeat the word which one thought.
4.       If you read a sentence from a book, fast enough in your mind RNM would not be able to comprehend what you read. P.S. While reading a book I usually repeat the words in my mind rather than visualize it.

RNM perps remotely do mind reading. Their machine reads the combination of vowels and consonants sounds which we think in our mind and then translate them into words and sentences in various languages. Web link:

RNM stalkers mind read the words which one thought in one’s head and say back to you what you thought with a second of delay when you are newly stalked by RNM. After a while the words and phrases in which one thinks and talks to RNM stalkers including known person names is collected in a vocabulary database. Next time when you think a beginning phonetic sound of the word i.e. starting word's vowel or consonant sound which you want to think they try to predict what the word and phrases might be, based on your vocabulary database. This way they would be faster in repeating back your thoughts in words by relaying the RNM white noise whisper voice. The predicted word/phrase or sentence may be right or might be wrong. See ‘database of patterns of neural signals that could now be matched to speech elements or 'phones'.’ In Web link:

RNM perps repeat the word which you were thinking or say some other word/phrase (using RNM white noise whisper voice) to distract your thinking or delay your thinking of the word you wanted to say. If you were not alert you would completely think that you have thought that word (priming). It’s like they talk in mic and relay the words to you.

RNM stalkers play a very feeble white noise whisper voice to one’s ear. This way it becomes difficult to be detectable in audio recording. Also RNM stalkers do it so that when you listen to white noise whisper voice, you might think that word or guess some other word and add some more words and thoughts to it and keep you engaged in having a conversation with RNM in your mind. One has to know this or else if you have not slept/health is not good/angry, at one point one might think that these words are being thought by you, and you might start thinking excessively in your mind in words. It is basically a priming technique (psychology) used by RNM. Priming is an implicit memory effect in which exposure to one stimulus (i.e., perceptual pattern) influences the response to another stimulus. 

 Getting angry/irritated would end up you talking nonsense to RNM in your mind in words. It’s a priming technique to keep you engaged in talking with them. They will play a psychological game with you, look for ways to make you emotional. One has to be very patient when RNM are relaying the sounds/voices to your ears.

First RNM stalkers relay voice and sound to the Targeted Individuals. For me the RNM perps started relaying a loud voice saying ‘F***’ word at home. These voice / sound are meant to make you angry or afraid. Then RNM stalkers would relay white noise whisper voice repeating your thoughts or parroting your thoughts. Their goal is to make you think in your mind in words excessively, thus Targeted Individuals focus is maintained on RNM stalkers and one may not be able to focus on other work. If Targeted Individuals have not made a habit to talk to RNM stalkers in their mind in words, then with the help of gang stalkers they would make you realize that they are harassing you i.e. using ’Human Rights’ stickers on vehicles. If all else fails RNM stalkers would inform you that they are using Artificial / Synthetic telepathy, encouraging you to vent one’s anger towards them by talking to RNM stalkers in your mind in words. So in the end RNM stalkers complete their goal to make you talk in your mind in words excessively. See ‘They want you to know they are there. They want your undivided and constant attention.’ in Web link:

This is how RNM psychological torture works, the more you talk and listen to RNM in your mind in words the more irritated and angry you become. And it might become a habit to talk to RNM in your mind in words, which they encourage and wait for that to happen. RNM will pay sentimental game to provoke/irritate/anger, They would say angel then say f***. They would say f*** many times. They would play nice then they will play bad routine.

RNM stalkers use words like f*** to make you angry. They may comment right before you are visiting someone/someplace. The Idea behind this is to make you angry. You will be not in your best mood and talk angrily to RNM stalkers in your mind. This is the whole point for them to try to make you angry. So one has to guard from becoming angry from the voice. One way out is to ignore the RNM voice/sound and use mindfulness and meditation. One can also keep oneself busy in one’s work, exercise and daily chores.

Tip: Think of RNM white noise whisper voice / RNM Voice relay / RNM sound relay as a Radio broadcast, ignore them by thinking positive or mindfulness.

Tip: “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it”- Eckhart Tolle

If you hear voices that is distinctly not your own thoughts, ignore and do not participate! Whatever accusations, cursing, filthiness, and nastiness the RNM stalkers relay using white noise whisper voice, do not engage with them with any arguments! Do not give them any attention. Remember they are already getting paid and you’re not getting anything back except the physical and psychological harm. Since they are forcing themselves into you, do not give them anything more but stare and silence which is more than enough. See ‘If you hear voices that is distinctly’ in Web link:

There is always a reason in what RNM does, so know the reason anignore the RNM voice/sound, have mindfulness or meditate or keep oneself busy in one’s work, exercise and daily chores.

RNM would white noise whisper voice relay the phrase ‘don’t be afraid’, they want you to keep engaged with RNM. Keep your mind in neutral emotion. Don’t speak or reply to RNM.

Tip: RNM stalkers using white noise whisper voice relay will tell lies to Targeted Individual and also throw in positive reinforcement. RNM stalkers use Gaslighting psychology tactic. Web link:
Keep your mind still. Watch your thoughts, see are they really yours? Have mindfulness.

The RNM white noise whisper voice relay, RNM voice relay and RNM sound relay is 3d positional like Dolby digital.
RNM white noise whisper voice relay examples:

1.       RNM white noise whisper voice relay repeat the word which was thought in one’s mind, to torture the targeted individual. RNM stalkers might say some other words or talk to you, to try to keep you engaged with them.
2.       The RNM stalkers white noise whisper voice relay claimed to be ‘terrorist’, ‘NGO’, ‘detective’, ’collecting information’, ‘investigating’, ‘international’, ‘power’ and ‘magician’. RNM stalkers also white noise whisper voice relayed the word ‘Synthetic telepathy‘, ‘satellite’, ‘imported’, ‘digital(probably meant as technology)’, ’ directive’, ’ preparation’, ’ popular’,‘dog’, ‘cockroach’, ‘superman’,’ avenger’, ‘Charlie Chaplin’, ’RNM’, ‘fire’, ‘yahoo yahoo’, ‘youtube’, ‘director’, ‘mumbo jumbo’,’ useless’, ‘control’, ‘tinkering (when they used to zap me with electrical relay)’,’target’,’ higher’. The crux is they are harassing the targeted individual.
3.       Heard RNM white noise whisper voice relay while travelling in motor bike and car.
4.       Its only when they reduce the volume of white noise whisper to nearly nil one could sleep because one becomes irritated and angry, they keep talking to you and you might also talk back to RNM stalkers in your mind in words.  It becomes difficult to sleep, leading to sleep deprivation.
Tips: If one thinks RNM white noise whisper voice relay to be a radio broadcast, without becoming emotional it might help for sleeping at night. One can also try White Noise Generator phone app. 
5.       When I record the RNM white noise whisper voice relay, RNM stalkers reduce their volume saying ‘duck tails’. This means sometimes RNM voice relay is recordable.
6.       While thinking they would add new word by relaying white noise whisper voice.
7.       RNM stalkers would relay white noise whisper voice words, phrases and sentences from your own vocabulary of words which would make you think as if you thought that word or phrase.
8.       A word is said before you think about a word (see precursor in RNM voiceless word relay examples) and can make you forget/distract what you wanted to say.
9.       When a beginning phonetic sound of the word is thought a similar word is relayed to you matching to that beginning phonetic sound .i.e. if ‘hat’ is the thought word then RNM would white noise whisper relay ‘hair’. Here ‘h’ is the beginning consonant sound for both the words.
10.   They would also relay a feeble white noise whisper voice just not understandable. If you thought of a word from that not understandable voice it means RNM has found out a word, your emotion and engaged you in talking with them.
11.   If RNM stalkers white noise whisper voice relayed a particular angry word and you thought about it in words, then they would play that they are angry with you.
12.   RNM stalkers will use words from newspaper which you read and relay the white noise whisper voice of those words. Making you think there is some link with newspaper which is not. It just an trick.
13.   RNM white noise whisper voice relayed 'pinjare mein band'(Hindi language) (locked in a cage), to encourage one to talk to RNM and make you realize that one is getting harassed by them.
14.   RNM stalkers do a friendly talking to you and divert you to their usual priming technique to make you keep talking to them in your mind in words.

RNM voice relay when coming from other people are usually loud and clear (even while wearing helmet and riding). Loud enough to be noticed by others but people don’t seem to notice at all, because only targeted individual is hearing a RNM voice relay. If someone is with you, you can ask if they heard the voice also or not. If not you can be sure that it is a voice relay.

This is how RNM Voice relay I heard. Usually the RNM Voice relay would be loud and clear to the targeted individual.

RNM Voice relay examples:

1.       RNM stalkers voice relay when one is not watching a person’s face. Also when a person’s face is partially visible, i.e. a person’s side face is visible sitting and talking. Between the pause of person’s speech (RNM can see the person’s lip movement while talking) RNM voice relays loud cloned voice of that person. It is loud because the overlap of speech might go undetected. They will measure the person speech loudness and play the cloned voice louder to keep the overlapping errors low as possible. To avoid the detection of RNM voice relay the voice would be a short phrase or a word.
Example1: My wife heard me saying about going to temple, she asked me that did I ask her to go to a temple? I didn’t say a word that means RNM relayed the cloned voice of me to my wife. One has to be careful and alert, because they can interfere with relationship this way. Tip: Ask whether the person commented or not.
Example2: I heard an angry voice comment of my wife, I didn’t watch her while I heard the voice. When I enquired she said she had not spoken at all. Tip: Watch the person face when they are talking.
If you don’t know this, it is possible that you would become angry, ruin the relationship with the person. You would think that the person is talking against you, cussing, swearing, etc., which is a synthetic cloned voice.
Example3: Wife was humming a loud tune. When I casually asked her whether she was humming a tune she replied she didn’t. RNM was relaying a cloned voice of my wife.
2.       RNM stalkers voice relay when a by passer is passing by, in front, side or is at the back. Also synthetic voice is relayed from next room and from TV when not being seen by targeted individual.
3.       When I was riding on a motorcycle, I heard someone commenting about me in a motorcycle, and speaking, when I saw the rider he was not speaking at all. The RNM voice was relayed 3d positional, i.e. the RNM voice relay seemed to travel with the bike on which the rider was riding.
4. When someone is smiling, RNM will increase the loudness and relay a sinistrous laugh (ha ha or hee hee) trying to lip sync the person’s laugh.
5. RNM stalkers would relay a voice as if the voice is coming from speakers:
a) If there are speakers at places like temple RNM would relay a voice in real time, of the words which you are thinking in your head, as if it is being played by the public speaker.
b) At mosque prayer call speakers RNM would relay the voice comments to the targeted individual.
c) At gym when the music is played, RNM would voice relay music with singing comments. Singing voice comment is relayed to you in between the silence of the music. Also the comment was played at the end of the music.
d) From mobile vegetable or fruit seller speakers RNM would relay the voice comments.
e) All the sounds will be loud and clearly heard than usual normal volume by you alone as RNM voice is directed towards you.
6. RNM Voice relay comments coming from open terrace second floor (3d positional audio).
7. RNM stalkers select the places and sources of noise/sound where you travel, visit, to relay their noise/voice comment. I.e. RNM voice relay comment from TV from first floor, people from outside the room, crow bird saying F*** outside the room (Synthetic voice), speakers. These noise/sounds is only heard by you. Try recording theses relayed voice. If opportunity is not there they create their opportunity by sending their people acting/riding bike as if talking on phone, riding friends in a motorcycle or two riding friends in two motorcycles cussing each other one can hear RNM voice relay also, loud singing voice relay from bypassing motorcyclist.
8. In restaurant RNM stalkers will relay the voice from nearby sitting group, their favorite is a group of people sitting together. Then RNM stalkers will send their own new group of people in the restaurant nearby you and comment about you as if talking to each other. Restaurants are the favorite spot for RNM stalkers to relay a voice. I’ve heard RNM voice relay frequently this way.  
9. They relay the words/comment and electrical relay pain in abdomen while traveling to distract you. Since you are traveling if you are thinking about what you heard, you may go on autopilot mode and take a wrong route.
              10.a) While listening to movie using on the head headphone I could hear RNM voice relay in the background of the movie as if hearing from headphone. It means they were listening to my headphone and relaying those RNM voice at the exact time of the movie.
     b) I heard the RNM voice relay the word ‘control’ while speaking to call center executive on phone similar to the background voices talking on phone. The RNM voice relay was heard as if coming from the phone ear speaker. It means RNM stalkers were listening to my phone ear speaker.
11.  While saying a sentence I heard the last ending word changed to something else. By asking the other person it revealed I said the correct word which I spoke but not what I heard. What I heard was loud RNM cloned voice relay changing the last word of the sentence.
12. When people are standing at a distance and you are not looking (low light area) at them they would relay a mumbling sound which is not understandable when the other person is talking or they would repeat the said voice one more time.
13. RNM relays voice comments which talk about you or saying something which you don’t like.
14. Looking at your eyes/head, RNM is finding out your vision range and direction of where you are seeing. RNM stalkers calculate ones field of vision range, basically finding out where you are looking, then they relay the voice when appropriate ie, someone standing  and talking using cloned voice relay, if you are not looking.
15. I heard f*** word when the running water forcefully came out from the solar water tap.
See ‘“Voices” on Running Water (Microwave hearing)’ in Web link:
16. While travelling in a car with my four year old son, he suddenly asked me whether I called his name. The car windows were rolled up and there was no noise from outside.  At that time I didn’t call his name, it was a RNM cloned voice relayed to my son.
17. I used to hear a woman voice ‘Oh my God’ more often than usual, when I was near women.
18. Tip: One of the reason RNM stalkers Voice relay is to give the Targeted Individual an impression that RNM gang stalkers are following them which they are not.

19. When my 4 months old son was lying on the bed, I listened to an angry child voice talking from his direction. 4 month old babies can’t speak sentences.

20. While traveling in bike and waiting in a traffic signal RNM stalkers relay a voice. I’ve heard RNM voice relay frequently this way. Example: I heard a loud clear voice from behind at a traffic signal while waiting on a bike. A pillion on another bike behind me was speaking on phone. I was not able to hear any voice from him only his lips moving while talking, then suddenly heard the loud voice again as I was watching him using my rear mirror.
21. RNM stalkers relay voice in crowded places either inside hall / room i.e. party, exhibition, restaurant, cubicle or outside i.e. exhibition, event, road traffic if riding on motorcycle.
22. RNM perps used to often relay the ’F***’ word voice to me. This was so often that I started thinking of the F word voice to be of a chicken clucking sound or RNM perps getting kicked sound.   

RNM sound relay could be any sound like a child screaming, flute music, etc. If someone is with you, you can ask if they heard the sound also or not. If not you can be sure that it is a sound relay. 

This is how RNM sound relay I heard.
Angry bird sound

RNM sound relay examples:

1.       RNM stalkers sound relay Child screaming while travelling in motorbike. Tip: Once I started taking video recording the menace stopped. See ‘children yelling’ in Web link:
2.       RNM stalkers sound relay crackling, popping or audible clicks sound in one of the ears. Web link:
3.       RNM stalkers sound relay ringing in one of the ears or both ears like tinnitus.
4.       When I said ‘mouse’, 'dog' to RNM stalkers in my mind in words they relayed the ‘squeak’ and bark sound in response.
5.       When I spoke and finished my talk and closed my lips, I heard an ‘ffff’ sound relayed by RNM. RNM has also relayed a breathing sound when I was not speaking.
6.       Loud Screeching brake noise from car and bikes, if near, passing by or far away. The loud screeching brake noise could be a RNM sound relay. See ‘They will 'screech' their tires’ in Web link:
7.       RNM stalkers sound relay flute music, guitar music, Star Wars III riding on the lizard sound effect (there was no music system or TV in the soundproof room.)

RNM voiceless word relay is a voiceless word which is relayed to you and you just know the word in your mind as the word is revealed to you.

RNM voiceless word relay examples:

1.       RNM stalkers relay synthetic telepathy of cussing/angry words (voiceless) which symbolizes being angry. If you are not aware then you would think that you are angry and fighting with RNM stalkers. Keep your mind still, have mindfulness, see which words are your own and not of synthetic telepathy using voiceless word relay or white noise whisper voice relay.
2.       RNM stalkers would say that they are dictating the words in one’s head. One can listen to the voiceless word relay but keeping the mind still or mindfulness you can find out whether they are relaying the thoughts or is it your own thoughts.
a.       Precursors-When a word is about to be thought they will relay another word and make one forget or distract what one was thinking, using white noise whisper voice relay or voiceless word relay.
b.      While thinking the starting letter phonetic sound of a word they would relay some other word with the same starting letter phonetic sound.
3.       Since I found out about the RNM voiceless word relay they used the voiceless synthetic telepathy on me in the night distracting my sleep.
4.       RNM stalkers relay voiceless word before you are going to see a word in front of a van, mini truck, while you are, While I was seeing and reading ‘drive carefully’ written in front of a mini truck they relayed a voiceless word ‘devil’ trying to replace the ‘drive’ word which I read. That means the vehicle was a setup they already knew what was written on the vehicle. RNM stalkers were watching me and at appropriate time they relayed the voiceless word.
5.       I talked to my wife about her birthday (using Remote audio satellite surveillance, RNM stalkers were listening) and immediately after was about to inform my parents about my wife’s birthday celebration. When I was about to say my wife’s name RNM stalkers relayed voiceless word two of my relative’s names. Since these two names were revealed to me, my focus was on these names. It took a second to continue my talking.

6.       RNM stalkers have used voiceless word relay on my unsuspecting dad. His thoughts were not coherent. RNM stalkers white noise whisper voice relayed to me that my dad was ‘overacting’. It seems to be a coincidence that RNM stalkers had targeted me with RNM white noise whisper voice / voice / sound relay and next, my father subjected to RNM voiceless word relay.    
They relay the words which you know form your vocabulary database, because
a.       Make you think that you yourself were thinking about that word, if you are emotional/not alert.
b.       You’ll not be able to identify the words which you thought in your head was relayed by white noise whisper voice or voiceless word relay, if you are emotional/not alert.
c.       New words will make you realize those words are from RNM voice relay/voiceless synthetic telepathy

During RNM mind reading think of one word or abbreviation only, i.e. meditating, mindfulness. By doing this you can identify the new words which RNM is relaying to you either through voiceless word relay or voiced relay method.

While talking to RNM stalkers in words in your head keep your tongue pressed at bottom of your mouth or top of your mouth. So that your tongue does not respond when you think of words in your head and get fatigued. See ‘moves to partly form word shapes’ in Web link:

RNM Visual examples:

1.       RNM stalkers can relay a new mental visual image (Visualization) to you. i.e. a) A still picture of face of a dog in black and white made of phosphene. The dog’s mouth was open showing its teeth and saliva dripping. b) A still color picture of a one naked breast of a female.
2.       RNM stalkers can see very few of targeted individual’s mental visual images (Visualization), I know this because RNM stalkers white noise whisper voice relayed me what I just visualized. Watch from 12:50 minutes in this video:

3.       RNM stalkers can show you your own visual memory on your existing focus/awareness.
4.       Once at bedtime when I lay on the bed and closed my eyes, I saw a faint white glowing infinity symbol (phosphenes) being drawn. I opened my eyes immediately it vanished. Similarly I have seen a phosphene star and unclear changing white (phosphenes) drawn images when my eyes were just closed at bedtime. I have also seen a phosphene star with open eyes which came and disappeared before my eyes. These are created by jolt to the occipital lobe, a portion of the brain associated with sight, which caused me to experience phosphenes, the sensation of perceiving light when none is present.
See ‘This second group of subjects’ in Web link:
5.       Moving shadow on the ceiling. RNM stalkers would white noise whisper voice relay saying that they are ghost, devil, and relay sounds to try to make you afraid, another form of harassment.
6.       Night glow Astronaut sticker (glow in the dark) on the ceiling became 3D and started turning on the ceiling in the night when the lights were off like augmented reality.
7.       RNM stalkers change one's vision like augmented reality, low lighted place is their favorite place, to create an illusion. These illusions are created by RNM stalkers for harassing the targeted individual.
8.       RNM stalkers can in real time change the part of a vision like augmented reality:
a)      A person showing Namaste at front by joining hands for half a second and then suddenly hands and arms vanished in a room when the known family member, was just sitting with hands and arms under the dining table at home. This happened during a daytime, the room light was dull as the lights were off. No one in my family gestures Namaste at home.
b)      A water jet shown slowly sparkling from the tap running water to make you think you are special for the first time, which is an illusion created by RNM stalkers. On second time RNM stalkers relayed white noise whisper voice saying that they have created this illusion.
c)      I was entering the restroom at home during the day. The lights were off so it was little dark. As my gaze passed through the toilet for a second, I saw something dark floating in the toilet. I assumed it was a feces floating. When I looked away, RNM perps relayed a white noise whisper voice saying ‘look again’. I looked into the toilet again and there was nothing floating in it.
9.       I saw almost transparent octopus image with its tendrils while looking at the floor. Like the below picture without the green and red colors.

RNM electrical relay examples:

1.       Pin and pricking pain in left side of the upper abdomen (probably stomach). See ‘jolts, vibrations, and pin pricks’ in Web link:
2.       Itching/scratching skin on places like hands, groin, legs, cheek, lower lips, head, nose, ears more often than usual. RNM uses an electrical relay to create the itches, scratches. See 'Scratch beam' in Web link:  These electrical relay seem to be 3D and can be pointed to any surface of the human body. See ‘GPS satellites provides precise three-dimensional position’ in Web link:
One’s hand goes to the itch automatically that’s because Spinal cord neurons control pain and itch. Web link:
A reflex response occurs within the spinal cord. Motor neurons are activated and the muscles of your arm contract, moving your hand. This occurs in a fraction of a second — before the signal has been relayed on to the brain — so you will have moved your arm towards the itch before even becoming conscious of the itch. Web link:
Sometimes hand doesn’t goes to the itch if you were aware of the itch. Electrical relay itch done on unsuspecting people also, i.e. by passers, standing near, person visible to you. They do it to others to show as if RNM gang stalkers are following you or known persons are harassing you, which is not true.
3.       Electrical relay on the eye, as if something touched the eye.
4.       Electrical relay on the left side of the chest (probably heart).
5.       Sharp pain in the left side of the upper abdomen (probably stomach).
6.       Pain at left and right back between approximately the lowest rib and the buttock (probably kidney).
7.       Electrical relay in the throat to make you cough.
8.       Electrical relay on arms as if a rain drop has fallen on the arm. See ‘Electric shower’ in Web link: 
9.       Electrical relay on eye lid causing pain. 
10.       Electrical relay on tooth root, causing pain and sensitive teeth sensation.

Sometimes RNM stalkers would play dumb and will try to make you laugh. It becomes easier to make you laugh if you are already angry with RNM stalkers. To people it would seem that you are laughing alone and that would look weird.

They talk patiently to see if you are angry, and look for a chance to fight.

They would keep you engaged by cussing you using f** word. One has to control one’s emotion, ignore the RNM voice/sound and meditate/have mindfulness. One can also keep oneself busy in one’s work, exercise and daily chores.

RNM Gang Stalkers:

1.       While traveling outside I would more often than usual listen people talking on phone and saying ‘where are you’
2.       RNM gang stalkers play a same comical sound (poin poin poin) in the speaker phone at different places you visit. Sample sound is here.  Web link:
3.       RNM Gang stalking-More often than usual raising arms and keeping hands behind neck, pointing with fingers and showing direction, raising elbow up and down like a chicken or raising arms like a flying bird while riding pillion in a motor bike .
4.       RNM gang stalkers used look alike of four people from my previous employer, whom I saw once, on road while travelling, visiting to mall, ice cream parlor.  There are agencies who provide look alike for politician’s campaign and film industry. It is another kind of harassment. Tip: Once I started taking video recording, photographs the menace stopped. Web link:


5.       RNM gang stalkers come in bike near your residence, sit for a while and talk on phone and on the opportunity they comment about you while talking to the person on phone.
6.       If you are not recording and you know about RNM voice relay methods and if you are alone walking then they would make their RNM stalker to laugh in front of you and comment on you for real or while bypassing say some mumbling words or repeat a same word many times for real, just to hide their voice relay illusions.
7.       More often than usual women adjusting their sandal or shoes. This is priming do not fall for these kind of priming.
8.       Show the message ‘human rights’ near bullet Enfield motorcycle number plate. It is done to encourage you to talk to RNM stalkers in your head in words and make you realize that you are getting harassed by them.
9.       The RNM team would set their stalkers standing, riding a bike at specific points where you take the road often and show a specific mono acting like playing flute for a few seconds (they stand strategically so that people don’t see them). RNM stalkers would relay white noise whisper voice that they are puppeteers. Next day a bike rider who was riding opposite to me showed his hanging hand down and elbow up like a puppet. 
10.   RNM stalkers have stolen my camera when I traveled and also stole my external hard disk kept in home, containing RNM voice recording. Then RNM stalkers relayed white noise whisper voice to me claiming that they have stolen my camera and external hard disk.
11.       RNM gang stalking usually happens when RNM stalkers relay white noise whisper voice/sound/voiceless to Targeted Individuals and not alone. 

RNM stalkers using white noise whisper voice relay and RNM electrical relay threatened and made me delete the video and audio evidence so far I have collected. Don’t delete the evidence.

RNM stalkers would relay white noise whisper voice that they are puppeteers. They can control some of the features of human body like motor control. While controlling the below mentioned features of human body, RNM stalkers would often relay white noise whisper voice to me claiming that they have the controlling abilities. 

Watch human body motor control twitch example:
See below list:

1.       Control of one’s Feet and toe-While standing one’s body lifts up on toes all by itself, without thinking about moving.
2.       Hip - swaying back all by itself, while standing and sitting
3.       Jaw :
a)      Clinching of jaw, making you think that you are angry.
b)      Opening of jaw and mouth involuntarily.
4.       Facial muscle control – Showing emotion sad and happy by control of eye brow and facial muscle without emotional thinking.
5.       Tears control, involuntarily tears in eyes without emotional thinking.
6.       Eye lids:
a)      Eye lids blink fast without any control, involuntarily.
b)      One of the eye lid partially getting closed forcefully.
7.       Control of fingers – 
a) On phone display my index finger was zigzagging on its own.RNM stalkers claimed that they could control my index finger by relaying white noise whisper voice to me.
b) Thumb and index finger rubbing together indicating money gesture, RNM also white noise whisper voice relayed ‘money’ along with the gesture. My wife and son also did the same money gesture the next day.
c) Involuntary twitching of right hand index finger like a nervous tic. See ‘involuntarily moved his right index finger’ in Web link:
8.   Tongue – Tongue twitch involuntarily at rest or when speaking.
9.   Make you cough.
10. When I was lying in bed at night, RNM white noise whisper voice relayed ‘brain mapping’, first my elbows folded like a twitch and then knees folded like a twitch.
11. Wrist motor control, bending involuntarily like a twitch.
12. Knee – While standing the right leg’s knee started to bend slightly and then straighten many times, causing swaying backwards and forwards of right knee involuntarily.

Remote Olfactory and Smell memory Surveillance:

RNM stalkers can access specific memory of smell and one can smell it by electric stimulation. They are probably getting assistance from Artificial Intelligence or Analytics software to access those specific smell memories.
a) While I was sitting in my room I smelled cow dung.
b) While doing exercise in my room I could smell strong smell of urine. As if I had urinated in my pants which I didn’t.
c) When I closed my eyes to sleep, immediately I smelled fart which I didn’t fart and there was no one nearby me.
d) I was watching about food in Man vs Expert S01E04 documentary about smell and taste in discovery channel. The idea being shown was that smell plays 80 percent role in sensing taste. RNM stalkers using Remote audio satellite surveillance, see the channels in their control room / command center which I watch. Then few days over RNM stalkers made me smell fish while drinking water from a bottle in the dining room and it did taste like a fish, there was no fish around or cooked on that day. I go to open air fish market to buy fish. They accessed my fish smell memory and made me smell fish.
See the Abstract in Web Link:
Rest of the RNM, V2K symptoms: 

1.       Eyes – When RNM stalkers were relaying voices, one of my eyes had a dark spot at
top position of my vision which wouldn’t go away even after blinking. I consulted the eye 
doctor and he said it would get cured by itself. It’s highly probable that RNM stalkers
caused this dark spot in my eye vision. The dark spot in one of my eye vision looked like
the below picture.

2.       Going blind for a half a second, blanking out the vision which one can see

3.       Electrical sensation like Goosebumps throughout the body, but without any hairs rising.

4.       Make one faint. The faint started with a feeling, as if my brain being under heavy magnetic field. RNM stalkers have done this to me two times. Then they white noise whisper voice relayed to me that I’m having a Brain tumor, which I don’t have it. Tip: RNM stalkers want their Targeted Individuals to visit hospital and spend money in private hospital. It’s one way to harass the Targeted Individuals. If one goes to hospital or not either way they harass the Targeted Individuals.

5.       Bladder–RNM white noise whisper voice relayed ‘bladder control’ then after some time I had an urge to release urine. If RNM stalkers can use Remote See through walls satellite surveillance and Remote Thought Surveillance then can’t they predict when one is going to urinate, by monitoring urinary bladder?

If you are a Targeted Individual and had similar experiences, please share.